Tasbih Delight

Tasbih Delight offers you to recite tasbih anytime and anywhere. It offers the following features.

1. Comes with a preset list of tasbihaat(praises) with their benefits and audio.

2. You can share your favorite tasbihaat with your friends through sms (Only on iOS 4.0), facebook, twitter and email.

3. Keep track of your tasbih counts and record the events in history.

4. Allows you add your custom tasbihaat. Each tasbih has a title and a counter associated to it.

5. Recite, reset and resume any tasbih.

6. Names of ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). So, you can recite them as tasbihaat.

7. Categories to organize your tasbih.

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You can send email to us for support and feedback on feedbacktasbih@zapine.com